Superior tiny homes, simply featuring essentials’

Câpsula introduces a new typology of premium tiny houses to inspire new ways to live well. Superior tiny homes, simply featuring essentials. In a complex world, we advocate simplified and uncomplicated. Câpsula builds on the promise of advanced design where less is more. Distinctive tiny architecture, rich in bare essentials. Beautifully designed dwellings with a small footprint that promote slow luxury and peace of mind. Think of fewer options, with excellent choices made for you. But more than to think, we urge you to feel the luxury of slow living. To be happy, how much do we need?

To be happy, how much do we need? ’

Seamlessly connecting the interior with the great outdoors from any viewpoint, the highly intuitive design of Soft Lodge expands on the urge to reconnect with nature, ourselves, and others. The striking glass facade and mirrored, angular design language with double-sided terraces seem to stand out from the natural landscape, only to blend in with the natural surroundings in a surprisingly organic way. Sustainable materials, local production and innovative design solutions — mind the zip-on curtains on both sides for two optional extra indoor (bed)rooms — make this designer home reflect a surprisingly versatile take on luxurious tiny living.

Câpsula proposes a growing collection of beautifully composed tiny houses boasting unique design features, supporting flexible use and celebrating perfect finishing. The Dutch tiny house label was initiated by i29 architects.

More information: www.capsula.nl

  • Design i29 architects
  • Client Câpsula
  • Floor area 25 - 50 m2
  • Completion October 2023
  • Location Netherlands
  • Photography i29 architects
  • Construction Van Middendorp, Cretim

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