‘Het Veer’ is a school for children with learning and concentration difficulties. A so-called ZMOK school. The education is very practical and specially intended for these children. This subject is used in the interior design for all public spaces. References in the design were ‘concentration’ ‘playful’ and ‘movement’ This range of furniture expresses movement. Together they form a wire-frame that moves through space. The pieces of furniture bring to mind associations to the concentration-game Buzz Wire. These objects are playful, also in their functionality. Several types of furniture are combined into one program and it is not directly clear how they should be used. This makes the children concentrate on their environment and think how the furniture should be used.

  • Design i29 interior architects
  • Client Het Veer
  • Floor area 650 m2
  • Completion November 2009
  • Location Almere
  • Photography i29 interior architects
  • Construction Zwartwoud
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