Connection with nature’

Connection with nature is an important aspect of Japanese culture. So when a Japanese client asked us to design their house in the city centre of Amsterdam, we made sure they’d feel at home.

We designed a minimalistic light and open space and placed two big objects that fulfil different functions.

Kitchen and wardrobe are combined in one object that we placed near the entrance. The bath- and bedroom are combined in an object in the back of the house.

From the open living area you can see the vertical garden’

From the open living area you can see the vertical garden that covers the walls of the bedroom/bathroom, this gives the whole house that natural, Japanese feel.

  • Design i29 interior architects
  • Client Private client, Amsterdam
  • Floor area 140 m2
  • Completion february 2010
  • Location Amsterdam, NL
  • Photography i29 interior architects
  • Construction H2B
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